The Digital Bible or The Printed Bible

Many of us have access to and use the digital bible instead of The Printed Bible. I use both, however; I have recently been challenged by my “Born Again Conscience” to pick up the printed bible and use both medias to read, meditate and study the word.
Those are a few reasons that come to mind why I should use the printed bible.

Those around me will know for a certainty that I am using the bible. A testimony
I feel more blessed as I handle and open the pages.
With the electronic media, I get easily distracted by checking other things such as scores, Kijiji, Facebook etc.
With the printed bible I stop to allow The Holy Spirit to minister to me. I read through the digital bible without meditating upon the word.

I can get alone with the printed word. With the digital bile, I attract a crowd..think about it for a moment.

As I am typing, I have the printed bible by my side and I will use it for my meditations, however; I will google the verses or verses for other intrepretations and studies.

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