How Would We Feel

How would we feel

If our children denied that we were their parents?

If our children stop visiting us?

If our children stopped calling us mom or dad?

If our children, who live nearby, only visit us on special days?

If our children cursed us even though we only showed them love?

If our child came back and asked forgivenessโ€ฆwhat would we do?

We are Godโ€™s childrenโ€ฆhave you stopped to think how He feels when we do the same thing or worst.

Many of my blog posts are a work in progress as I take time to consider the thought and hear from friends and visitors.

I Hate Lineups

I know, wโ€™re not supposed to hate but I would do anything to avoid lineups. I have been on both sides of lineups. For many years, I worked as a travel consultant and manager of a travel agency. There were times when we were extremely busy and I would be aware of customers fidgeting as they waited to be served. This would but added pressure on me and my staff. I would always look for ways to keep the waiting customers happy.

I would search for the shortest lineups,while banking or at the supermarket. When driving to and from work or on business around town, I would always look ahead for shortcuts.

To be truthful..lineups โ€œstressed me out.โ€

A number of years ago I made some changes and decided to pray silently, for the people in front of me and for those who were serving. It helped me relax and appreciate people.

Yes, there are times I forget and return to my old ways but just writing this post has helped reinforce my desire to overcome my hatred of lineups.

Where I am, at any moment, is where God can speak o me or use me to bless others.

I Thes; 5: 16-18

16ย Rejoice always, 17ย pray continually, 18ย give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Godโ€™s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Please overlook sentence structure and punctuation. I write as I speakโ€ฆBlessings.

Have You Ever Wondered Why

So ย many in our Christian faith

Donโ€™t attend church

Sunday is just another day

Do not love or fear God

Do not read their bible or pray

Are anxious and worried

Have no hope

Are pleasure seekers

Need attention

Are unhappy

Are selfish

Make excuses

Sometimes I look at myself and recognize that I am or have been one of those people.

note: this is a rough draft of a post that I am working on.