In the light of current emphasis on and controversy surrounding human gender, there is also considerable discussion and debate on the gender of God.ย  As with any subject relating to the triune God, the only reliable source of information is His inspired Word; and the nomenclature (the body or system of names in a particular field) used in reference to God in the Bible is clearly masculine.ย  Jesus was God incarnate and took the form of a man during His earthly stay and ministry.ย  And He referred often to His heavenly Father as the source of His strength and inspiration.ย  When Jesus taught the disciples to pray He began the prayer with โ€˜Our Father, Who art in heavenโ€™ (Matthewย 6:9)

Although God is never referred to with a feminine name or title, the masculine gender is alsoย never promoted as superior in any respect.ย  Female imagery is used on occasion to illustrate that God cares for us as a mother would for her child, but God is never described as having feminine or masculine features.ย  Jesus declared that God is a Spirit and must be worshipped as such.ย (John 4:24)

On the other hand, there are many masculine titles for God throughout the Bible e.g. Master, Warrior, King, Lord, Shepherd and Bridegroom.ย  That however does not mean that God is of masculine gender.ย  A Spirit does not have gender โ€“ God is The Spirit who described Himselfย simply yet profoundlyย in the statementย โ€˜I AM THAT I AMโ€™.ย (Exodus 3:14)

If thereย areย indisputable reasons for referring to God in the masculine genderย they areย these:ย (1) the manner in whichย God became incarnate in the person ofย His Son Jesus Christ, (2 ) the language Jesus used in reference to His Heavenly Father, and (3) the consistent masculine references contained in the teachings of the inspired Word of God.ย  Do we have the authority or liberty to do otherwise?

Do you believe God should be> referred to in the masculine gender?

If not, why not?

Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God


Isaiah 45:5ย  โ€˜I am the Lord, and there is no other: apart from me there is no God.โ€™
John 14:6ย  Jesus said to him, โ€˜I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the Father, except by Me.โ€™

Most of us have heard it said that โ€˜we all worship the same Godโ€™, and while that may be true when referring to Christian religions, it is not valid when comparing the God of Christianity with that of any other religion.

There have recently been efforts to find common ground between Christianity and Islam, with some proponents coining the phrase Chrislam.ย  Some Christian churches have even held services where there have been readings from both the Bible and the Koran.ย  Other Christian leaders have said that we are all on different paths to the same God.ย  However, as the above verses state, there is one God and one God only, and there is only one way or path to that God.

The only common characteristics betweenย Islam and Christianity is that they are both monotheistic, or worship a single God.ย  Allah and the Islamic religionย have been derived from worship of a moon god.ย  While both Islam and Christianity refer to Abraham as a founding father, that is where similarity ends.ย  The Koran was written by Mohammed โ€“ the Bible was authored by God through inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

To Muslims, Jesus was a prophet โ€“ to Christians He is the Son of God.ย  Islam denies that there is a Trinity, while Christianity acknowledges that there is a Godhead composed of three distinct persons โ€“ God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Not only do we Christians worship the true God, but as the verse John 14:6 states, there is one path to eternal life and that is through the Jesus Christ and Him alone.ย  As has often been said, Christianity is not just a religion, but is a relationship between God and individuals.ย  While Islam and other religions require its adherents to accomplish salvation through good works, Christianity is based on the cross work of Jesus Christ and faith in Him.ย  Our salvation has been purchased through the shed blood of Jesus and is available to all who will believe and receive the gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

Do you accept Jesusโ€™ statement that He is the only way to God?

Or do you believe different religions worship the same God?

What do you base your belief on?