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Bible bytes is a blog/website presenting a laymans perspective on the truths and teachings of the Bible.  It consists of commentary on a specific Bible verse or verses and questions pertaining to the verse/verses or meditation and should be of benefit to both new and seasoned Christians. Also, there will also be personal testimonies, encouraging messages and random thoughts on everyday events in our lives. Some of the comments will no doubt raise questions or occasionally stir up controversy.   You are invited to submit comments or questions, and every attempt will be made to address these concerns.”

This is a sample meditation

Who is the God of the Bible?

To begin our meditations, we’ll take a few days to consider just who is the God that is revealed in the Bible.  Many people have a variety of concepts of God, ranging from a harsh judge who just sits somewhere out in the universe waiting for us to sin and then convict and condemn us, to one who is unable to help us even if he wanted to.  Some don’t even believe in the existence of God, and if He does exist He couldn’t care less about humanity in light of all the violence and destruction that’s occurred throughout the earth over centuries, and still continues.

But the God of the Bible is very different from these descriptions, and not only is He the Creator of the universe and mankind, but He cares deeply about each person, and desires nothing but the best for His creation, both here and hereafter.  God created man in His image, but in His wisdom, did not take away man’s freedom to choose between good and evil.  Since man decided to choose a path in contradiction to God’s plan and desire, humanity has been paying a severe price for it’s disobedience and rebellion.

Although God is omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipresent (present everywhere), He will not control the will of any individual, since doing so would effectively make every person a robot.  Instead, God has clearly revealed His will for mankind through the Bible, and given us the option of choosing obedience and life, or disobedience and death.  God wants each of us to choose life, which is found only by acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord.  Have you made that decision?


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