Possess Your Soul

We are all familiar with the phrase “patience is a virtue” and Paul’s writing to the Galatians where patience is referred to as a fruit of the spirit. Also, we are familiar with the patience of Job. But, what is patience?

We hear that so and so is impatient or has very little patience. My wife tells me that I am a very impatient driver, however; I am very patient with people. I used to get angry, especially when I did something stupid or things did not go as I planned. So is it possible to be patient in every situation and circumstance that we find ourselves in? By the way I’m a senior, so I do have a senior’s moment.

The bible verse that I referred to above is:

In your patience possess ye your souls. Luke 21:19, Those words were spoken by Jesus.

This is one of the better studies on patience. Link

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