Mercy And Truth

This morning, while doing my devotions, I was reading Psalm 57 and I was struck by the words of verse 3b. God shall send forth His mercy and His truth. My life has been based on truthfulness and there have been times where my truthfulness has been tested. I will say that there have been times where I have not been truthful, however; for me it has been a learning and a growing process.

If I tell an untruth now or am stretching the truth, that still small voice or my born again spirit or God’s spirit will alert me to the fact that I’m not telling it like it is or was.

This past week my truthfulness has been tested. This is the story.

I’m retired and work part time as a maintenance man at a small motel. The motel has a bar and some video games. Most of my work is building maintenance both inside and outside. Recently the motel was sold and they kept me on with the rest of the staff.

I was asked to make bank deposits. This didn’t bother me as I have managed businesses and am very familiar with the process and the bank is on my route home.

Basically I take the deposit and drive to the bank and in most cases there are three or four deposits within the deposit bag. A few days ago I was told that there was a deposit missing. There were three deposits put in the bank and there should have been four. I was the last person to have the deposit bag before putting it in the bank. The deposit bag was given to me by the manager and I went to the bank. I’m not naive. What would you think?  I can’t see the bank teller making a mistake as I stood in front of her as she entered the information and handed me the receipts. I don’t know if there were three or four deposits as it was a couple of days later before I was told about the missing deposit and I  had been to the bank again after this happened.

I know what I did so, did the teller make a mistake or was the deposit not in the bag when it was given to me. The people know me to be truthful and the owner had been told that I can be trusted.  So this morning I prayed, Lord send forth your mercy and your truth in my life today.

This is a study of Psalm 57: Click Here

We have cameras, in the building and after reviewing video there is strong evidence that an outside worker, doing an upgrade to some equipment, may have some information on the missing deposit.  The video will be reviewed, by the owner, to determine whether there is enough evidence to confront this person or pass it to the authorities.  Does this clear me of any possible wrong doing? Yes and no! People are people and they base their observation of a person on his or her performance or their social relationship with a person.

As a practicing christian what Christ like qualities do they see and have seen in my interaction with people?

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