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Still the Same

Our Lord is still the Way amid the twisting maze
Of all the world’s perplexing paths, it’s many crooked ways;
Still plain and clear He waits to lead our straying feet
Past quicksands, treacherous and deep, into His firm straight street.

Our Lord is still the Truth amid confusing lies
The world’s conflicting theories, wild guesses and surmise
Still plain and clear He waits to guide the seeking mind
Past doubts and false beliefs, His certain Word to find

Our Lord is still the Life, abundant, rich and free
He longs to break our chains and give us liberty
Serene and calm He waits, our poor, weak selves to take
And like His glorious self, our futile lives to make

Our Lord is still the Light, men’s flickering torches pale
Are poor and dim at best, and soon burn low and fail
False signals lure astray, but steadfast, clear and bright
He waits to guide us safely home, through earth’s bewildering night….Annie Johnson Flint


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Annie Johnson Flint