What To Wear To Church

I never thought that I would write a post on the subject of what to wear to church. This is not a church fashion post as I cannot tell a person what to wear or not what to wear.

My main aim in going to a church is to worship and to please God in all my being. I look at it from the point of view, that if I knew that God would be physically present in the building, what would I wear to meet him? Spiritually, he is present and we go to church to meet with him. So, I dress in a respectful manner. That’s me.

A few days ago, I spoke to a friend who was visibly upset because a church member commented negatively on the  clothing that he was wearing. He was a greeter at the door and he was dressed in casual clothes which was a fashionable tee shirt and pants. This is the type of clothing that he is comfortable wearing and for him it is like wearing a suit. He is a very sensitive and caring Christian. He was upset to the point where he considered going home. I might add that this person is good at greeting people.

I personally believe that if a person is in the right relationship with God, he or she will  be encouraged, by their relationship, in what they should wear.

I’m  a male and I do have a problem with females who wear revealing clothes, leaving nothing to be desired. Men are men and it doesn’t matter whether we are teenagers or elderly, the mind and the eyes work together with desires that have to be controlled.

So, the question is, what to wear to church?

Ask God! Don’t dress to please yourself or people, dress to please God.

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