Unhappy and Happy

I had never thought that a person could be unhappy and happy at the same time. Today I was speaking to a very good friend of ours who is going through a very traumatic experience in his marriage. It was about ten years ago that his wife begin to show signs of alzheimers.  Two years ago he had to place her in a nursing home.

They were both in their early fifties when she began to show the first signs of this dreaded disease. He was very supportive and had to quit his job to give her support. This caused financial strain and it became more difficult when he placed her in a nursing home. She has not shown any recognition of him for the past number of months.

He decided to move, a few thousand miles away, in order to get a job and be near their children. Every four to six weeks he takes a flight home to spend a few days visiting his wife. He is what I would call a broken man. Broken, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Today I took him to the airport and I made the statement..”you are unhappy and happy.” He said, “you could say it that way.”

Since moving away he has moved in with another woman. I can’t judge his decision as I know he needs someone to love him.

As a Christian, I believe in the marriage vows but I also recognize the evil that sin can have in a person’s life. If a person loses sight of God’s love and grace, that is available in Jesus, he leaves himself open to the ravages of sin. This has happened to my friend. It started with the blame game. Blaming God for what happened to his wife, his friends, relatives and pastors for not being there for them. He became blind to those who wanted to help. Yes, we didn’t know how to deal with this sickness. It would have been much easier to give support if it were a cancer or some other life threatening illness.

He didn’t ask for help and we as his family and friends felt that he was shutting us out. I admit my failure! He turned his back on the one friend who promised to be with us under every circumstance of living… Jesus.

I have prayed with him and for him and today I prayed again that God would restore him. Also, I believe that God can restore his wife to health. There is nothing impossible for God.

You will notice that,I have quoted no scripture, in this post. I recognize that many reading, this post, will have references from scripture flooding your mind.

Would you pray for my friend that God would somehow minister to him, in his brokenness, and bring peace joy and happiness to his life. Pray for his wife as you feel led by God’s spirit.

Thank you for reading this post. It is appreciated. May you be blessed in your Christian walk.

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