The Faithfulness of God

Have you ever had moments or an extended period of time where you questioned the faithfulness of God? I have and this morning was one of them. There was no particular reason but for some reason I sensed that God was not faithful. What did I do? To be truthful, I wanted to do something other than spend time in prayer. I didn’t feel like praying and there were other things, that I felt were more important for me to do.  I struggled for a few moments and did what I knew was necessary. I knelt to pray. Even though I didn’t sense God’s faithfulness, I thanked Him for being faithful to me throughout the years.

I remembered burdensome and troublesome times in my life when God had been there with me. I knew He was and I thanked Him. A song of praise (I don’t sing out loud) burst forth within me and I knew he was there all along. I prayed for family and for friends, still being thankful.

That was about an hour ago and the following song is on my heart and mind.

Great is Thy Faithfulness

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