I recognize that there is no such word as textedead, however; it’s a word that I coined from texted and dead. The word came to me as I was walking pass a truck, that was on a parking lot and both the driver and passenger were texting. Thankfully they made a wise decision to pull over and text.

Sadly, there are too many people who text, while their vehicle is moving and are leaving themselves open to a tragedy. I would not call it an accident as they are being negligent.

I have heard stories of passengers shouting at a driver, before an accident, to stop texting. Personally, I would take the phone from the driver and maybe toss it out the window.

This video is from youtube and was taken by a state trooper. The caption says that the person driving was texting.

The Anatomy Of A Car Crash While Texting

This is my commitment

When driving, I promise not to pick up my phone for a ring or a ping unless there is another person, in the vehicle, who can answer it for me. I will pull over, when convenient, to answer the call or the text. I know, it’s against the law to be on the phone or to text, however; like many, I have broken this law. Sadly, many people have been killed or injured, some seriously because they were distracted by calling or texting.

In Progress



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