Revelation Poems

Revelation in poetry is an attempt by Byron to explain The Book of Revelation. My father-in-law, Byron, was not well educated. He loved reading and studying God’s word but he especially enjoyed The Book of Revelation. It may take awhile to complete the entries.

As mentioned, Byron was uneducated so the spelling and wording are what he knew.
He passed away on Aug 27th,2012
Revelation Chapter 1
1.We say the Revelation of John The Divine
But when we start reading, a little seems wrong
Because it’s the revelation Christ gave to John
No doubt he was overjoyed in the spirit he had been
But all he had to do was write what he had seen
Vs 2 & 3
Of all the books in the bible where Prophecy is stressed
This is the only one where you are guaranteed to be blessed
For blessed is he that readeth and those that hear
God’s forecast for the future and it’s now very near
We thank God for all the things that John had seen
For God showed it to him on His big TV screen
Vs 4
John writes seven different letters to the churches back home
From seven different spirits before God’s great throne.
It’s grace and peace from Him which is
And which was and is sure going to come.
Vs 5
So all this is from Jesus all that John said
The first begotten of all the dead.
He’s the Prince of all Kings that ever done good
Because He washed us from sin in his own precious blood.
Vs 6
Who will make us kings and priests to God and His Father
We will have dominion and glory for ever and ever.
To be updated every other day as time permits..