Prayer A Conversation With God

Over the past few weeks I have been struggling with prayer. I have been helping teach a class for new Christians and many of them have said that I can’t pray, I don’t know how to pray.  My suggestion to them was to look at prayer as a conversation with God. Just talk to God.

I have been a Christian for over forty five years and have prayed in public many times. In my private prayers, especially over the past few weeks, I have been struggling to pray.

Recently, I spoke to a couple of friends about private praying, I asked them if they prayed orally or silently. The consensus was that they prayed silently. We discussed whether silent prayer or oral prayer was more rewarding.

Lately, I have spent some time just orally talking to God. It’s not with an outside voice as they teach to children but a low conversational tone. It felt good, real and powerful.

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