Introduce My Old Friend

My friend, Gord and I went to a local coffee shop for a break from a project.  A long time friend of mine was in the lineup behind us. I made it a point to introduce my old friend to Gord. It was an easy introduction as they both participated in conversation as we waited to be served.

My old friend, Ford, purchased his coffee and left but we decided to sit and have a chat. He asked me about Ford and or friendship. it was quite easy to tell some things about him and his accomplishments.  I had met him many years ago as we had lived across the street from each other. His younger brother was  a friend of mine and we would spend many hours, at his place,  shooting hockey balls and practicing our softball skills.

I played on a local softball team with Ford and his brother. We won many championships together and played in the provincial finals. Ford went on to become one of the top softball pitchers in Canada and was a top athlete in hockey. One year he was selected the provincial athlete of the year. He became a very successful businessman.

While in church, I thought about this chance meeting and how relaxed and happy I was to introduce my friends to each other and to talk to Gord about Ford. Then it struck me, my best friend is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For some reason I find it very difficult to introduce Him to others, especially to my friends. Why!

Am I ashamed of Jesus? No.

Am I afraid that they might misunderstand my relationship with Jesus? Yes.

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