I Didn’t Ask Them

I didn’t ask them, I asked you. I committed my life to Jesus when I was in my early twenties. My wife and I had been married for a couple of years when I had the urge to read the bible. My lunch hours were spent at the public library and with the thousands of books available, I was drawn to the bible.

Although, I wasn’t saved, bornagain or whatever other term you would like to describe a relationship with God in Jesus, I was a good living person. Faithful to my wife and family, a dedicated employee, a good friend and I had made a decision to quit smoking a few years previous. Also, I had decided to not drink alcoholic beverages. The main reason was that I had seen the destruction that the excess and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages had caused to my family and friends.

My one addiction was sports. I loved the compettition and I was pretty good, in my localized area  and played on the softball and soccer teams that were selected to play in Newfoundland Labrador tournaments. A couple of years, after my salvation experience, I was asked to teach Sunday School. Sunday school was on Sunday afternoons and on most Sunday afternoons I was playing either softball or soccer. I said I would pray about it.

I prayed and was leaning towards saying no. I said such things , in prayer, as God you know how much I enjoy sports and so and so, from such and such a church play ball on Sundays. Then it happened, one day while talking to God, it was as if He spoke to me and said “Steve, I didn’t ask them to teach Sunday School, I asked you.” I knew it was a God message and I had two choices, say no to God or say yes. I said yes and I felt very comfortable with my decision.

I played some softball after that and the men on my team knew that I couldn’t play on Sunday. When I wasn’t chosen for the all star team, they were upset, however; I reminded them that it was ok and better for someone be chosen who could play.

That was over forty years ago and God has been faithful.

Steve Wiscombe

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