How Do I View Mercy Killing


Over the past number of weeks we  have seen a deterioration in the mental health capacity of my sister-in-law. She is a sufferer from alzheimers. To see her fall from a healthy, happy, fun loving lady to a sometimes restrained, shouting and one who shows no recognizable knowing of family members has been burdensome.

I mentioned to a few close friends that I now understand why some loved ones would consider mercy killing. Upfront, I disagree with taking another person’s life because of health issues. What I’m saying is that I see why people are challenged to consider mercy killing.

I have heard family members say that they would prefer, rather then see her suffer the deteriorating effects of alzheimers, that she would take a heart attack which would take away her pain, suffering and degrading mental capacity. Maybe those are my thoughts as well.

We love this lady and hopefully those thoughts are not selfish thinking that would ease our burdens and concerns.  Our faith is in our God. We have and will continue to pray for her healing as well as for ourselves that we will be loving, supportive, patient and faithful.

I’m reading the book “Second Forgetting” by

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